. Accounting . We not only keep books, but also provide you important business management information in a transparent and understandable manner . Tax Advisory . Both classic and "all inclusive" tax advice are offered in a comprehensible manner and are tailored to your personal needs Steuerberatung - Jahresabschluss - Buchhaltung - Lohnverrechnung - Salzburg . Payroll Accounting . Whether payroll accounting or in questions of wage tax and social security law, we offer you competent consultancy


A company can only survive in the long term if it is profitable and makes profits. We can help you with this because we can bring our experience and know-how to your company.

According to the motto KISS (keep it short and simple ) we try to take the complexity out of tax law, simplify it and prepare your results in a clear, comprehensible and concise way. We support you with personal advice, in which we introduce you to the specialist vocabulary of the tax system.

Discuss your plans with us, we will support you!

International tax law is one of our areas of expertise. We support you in cross-border transactions, expansions or the establishment of subsidiaries and branches in Austria and abroad.
The Accounting gives the entrepreneur a very good picture and an overview of the performance and profitability status of his business. It is also a great source of information for decision making.
Personalverrechnung Salzburg
The purpose of wage accounting is to convert the labor information of each worker into numbers so that net and gross wages can be calculated.
Jahresabschluss - Steuererklärung
A company’s assets may change significantly during the year. The financial statements reveal the company’s equity and financial position and its operating results, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.
A company can only continue to operate smoothly if it has control over its budget
Buchhaltung Salzburg
There are many decisions to be made on the way to self-employment. Decisive aspects for success are, for example, the right choice of legal form, location, name, but also financing.

Our Strengths


– Sound advice
– Careful work
– Conscientious execution
– Reliable processing
– No extravagances


– Create added value
– Good performance with fair fees
– Economic settlement


– Solution oriented services
– Specific advice
– Adapted to meet the needs of clients
– Fast execution


– Think versatile and progressive
– Think outside the box
– Offer optimal suggestions


We are your expert partner and tax advisor. We would be happy to provide you with competent, fair and personal information.